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The different between patent drug, brand drug and generic drug

Some last month modus forgery of drug in Indonesia expand. spurious Drug syndicate shall no longger cut fine vegetables or make drug, but change tidiness of drug of generik become drug have brand. Besides don't too effective, got advantage all that forger also can tens of times rill fold. That because difference of price medicinize drug and generik have brand can until 80 times fold. Forgery of drug also expand caused by same activity between certain producer and doctor. Since early, doctor do not explain difference of patent drug, drug have brand, and drug of generik. Some of doctor mention drug have brand to patent drug. Though, word of Marius, both very is differing.

Patent drug is yielded drug through to research into or research. Production medicinize patent take place during 20 year before finally rights produce is also passed to other company.
As for drug of generik is sold drug by the name of precisely the name of Iihat vitamin which consist in in it.
Whereas drug have brand to drug of generik given by is brand by name its company.

As patient, in fact consumer is entitled to determine do him wish to use drug of generik drug or which have brand. But, seldom there's doctor giving opdon to patient. Besides, consumer also of opinion medicinize to have brand more efficacious than drug of generik.

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